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« Iqaria Group » Welcome to IQARIA GROUP Serving Lebanon Real Estate Comunity « Iqaria Group » Great Apartment super dulux in Hadath, Saint George, 170 sq. meters special price at 240 K USD Only « Iqaria Group » LAND 2500 S. METER IN DOUEIR CLOSE TO ANSAR PRICED ONLY 35$ PER METER « Iqaria Group » Villa for sale in Nabatieh El Fawka 270 meters Duplex priced at $275000 « Iqaria Group » Apartment 170 square meters in Arabsalim, second floor, nice view, Needs finishing Only for $58000 « Iqaria Group » VILLA, HOUSE 160 METERS DUPLEX W COVERED ROOF, HABBOUCH, NABATIEH FOR $150000 ONLY « Iqaria Group » Our Latest Surprise, Modern Home Villas 130 meters for only 125000 USD « Iqaria Group » Apartment with Garden for sale in Habbouch, 180 meters, garden 60 meters for 125000USD « Iqaria Group » Apartment with Garden for sale in Habbouch, 145 meters, garden 48 meters for 100000USD « Iqaria Group » Apartment with Garden for sale in Habbouch, 120 meters, garden 54 meters for 80000USD « Iqaria Group » MLEETA VILLAS, LOUAIZEH « Iqaria Group » Apartment in Deir Al Zahrani, Ground Floor w Garden, 170 sq. meters with 90000 USD Only « Iqaria Group » LAND IN ARABSALIM, GREAT VIEW, GOOD TO BUILD A VILLA OR HOUSE « Iqaria Group » BUILDING 3 APARTMENT 220 METERS EACH IN KFAROUMAN, NABATIEH, GREAT PANORAMIC VIEW « Iqaria Group » 2 Apartments in Habbouch Arabsalim Road, Ready to move in. with Garden, priced at 80 K USD Each « Iqaria Group » Villas 130 meters for only 125000 USD - Bayyad Hills, Deir Al Zahrani, Near Habbouch Bridge « Iqaria Group » Land in Roumin 1200 square meters great panoramic view for special price of 55000 USD each « Iqaria Group » Fully Furnished apartment for SALE in Rahbat Neighborhood, Nabatieh, Great panoramic view. « Iqaria Group » 3 Bedroom Apartment in Deir Al Zahrani for 80000 USD « Iqaria Group » Opportunity for a lifetime, owning an apartment in Arabsalim - Nabatieh, direct installment 600 USD per month without a bank « Iqaria Group » بيت 200 متر مع حديقة 750 متر في النبطية بين حاروف - زبدين بسعر 145 الف $ فقط
Aljazeera, Arabsalim, Direct Financing



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